Cotrinity Takes Flight

Welcome to Cotrinity – we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new brand and website.

Cotrinity is a provider of integrated data solutions for the construction industry.  Our online digital platform allows you to connect, share and visualise your project data.  Our team of industry experts can work alongside your business providing BIM, model and programme management services. 

As journeys go, this year has been quite the ride, yet as we sit here now in late October, it’s actually hard to believe where 2022 has gone.  When I rewind back to January this year, I recall taking new my idea to various friends, family and business associates, with a vision of my new company and how it could help support the construction industry in the digital era.

Over the course of this year I have worked with a local marketing agency to help me refine and craft our brand proposition. This particular agency has a track record of working within the wider construction and property industries, helping to provide me a fresh perspective. Their solutions were less about marketing fluff, and much more to do with making sure our brand had a real purpose and clear vision


The first thing we did was rebrand our business to Cotrinity, bringing together the three core offerings of our business. What we saw was a ‘triangulation’ of these three elements, which perfectly placed our customers solutions in the middle – which is exactly where they should be. When we began developing the new design for Cotrinty, everything came together really quickly, and before we knew it we were working on the content and the website. The website build was a great experience, and it was great to be able to sit with the team as this was being developed. Being part of this process really helped me ‘wear the shoes’ of my clients: Who’s our audience, why is our solution something they need, and what will our Clients get from us? It was so beneficial to think about my own company from the point of view of potential Clients and future partners.

Then I fast-forward to today, and I couldn’t be prouder. Our team of developers, partners, friends and family have been so incredibly patient and loyal, but I’m confident this is the beginning of something very special. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is where the real work begins, but I also know that Cotrinity has the opportunity to hit dizzy heights in our onward adventure – Indeed, take flight we will.

Warren Betts – Founder & CEO Cotrinity